Areivim Life Insurance

Areivim Life Insurance

Areivim Life Insurance: Every day you see the Tzedakah campaigns set up to help families in need. When a parent dies, they often leave behind several children and a helpless spouse who struggles not only with the emotional hardships but also with the financial burden.

What if there was a way to prevent these tragedies from ruining a family financially?

This was the purpose behind the establishment of Areivim.

What is Areivim Life Insurance?

Areivim is a company founded by Kupat Ha’ir as a preventive measure to ensure that, in the event of the loss of a parent, the family has the means to continue to support themselves without a financial crisis.

It works from the concept of mutual responsibility. Thousands of families have already joined the program, essentially pooling their money when one member of the group dies leaving unmarried children at home, chas veshalom. Due to the number of members, each individual only needs to contribute $7 to the fund established for each orphaned child.

What will be done with the money?

Areivim collects the money and establishes trusts for each unmarried child. The family can live on the interest earned on the money, and when the child is ready to marry, the principal is given to them to help them build their new life.

This resolves the two biggest financial strains when a parent dies: paying for the ongoing needs of starting a family and covering the cost of marrying off a child.

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Is Areivim a life insurance policy?

Although it has certain agreements with life insurance policies, Areivim is not life insurance. It is collected only when there is a need due to the untimely request of one of the members, and it is not for profit. At the same time, it works under the auspices of the Gedolei Hador, and all questions are referred to a rabbinical council for instruction.

What is required to become a member of Areivim Life Insurance?

Because of the simplicity and enormous impact of the program, Gedolei Hador enthusiastically supports the company. Thousands of families have already gathered and millions of dollars have been raised to help hundreds of orphans rebuild their lives.

All you need to do to become a member is to fill out the form below and provide basic information and your health statement. You will only be charged when necessary and will never be charged more than $28 per month.

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