1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost

1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost

1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost – How much does Toyota Camry car insurance in 1998 cost? What is the true cost of owning this vehicle in your state? And how can you save money in your policy in 2022? Toyota Camry (automatic) car insurance rates can vary for the same coverage, depending on their location, handling history or their age, but the types of coverage are basically the same and differ only in detail.

The average insurance price of a used Toyota Camry is exceeding $ 81 per month ($ 974 annually), depending on many variables such as your credit score, the place where she lives, driver’s record and the type and model of Toyota that leads. Your real cost insurance costs could be higher or lower if your car will be equipped with several modern driver safety and assistance functions.

A typical complete coverage insurance policy for its Toyota model with 128 engines must cover responsibility for injuries or damage, comprehensive coverage that covers damage to its car caused by events that are outside its control and collision (optional: helps Pay to repair or replace your Toyota Camry if you are damaged in a traffic accident with another car or object), and finally the medical and motoring coverage without insurance.

On average, the 1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost is $ 81 per month, which is around $ 974 per year.

1998 Toyota Camry Insurance Cost – How Much Does The Car Insurance Cost For A 25 -Year -Old Car?

How does the age of your car affect car insurance costs? 1998 Toyota Camry is over 25 years old. Older vehicles are usually cheaper to insure because they are less valuable than newer models. On the other hand, the newest models of Camry (1998) are eligible for many discounts for vehicles loaded with a long list of safety features.

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The most important safety features that can obtain a car insurance discount and are standard in all modern Camry cars include anti-lock braking (ABS), automatic safety belts, air bags, and traction control. Discounts for security characteristics in a 25-year-old Toyota Camry can reduce their coverage at the price of around $ 736 by 2021-2022.

Here are other indisputable benefits to buying a used car. You can buy cheaper civil liability insurance for your 1998 Toyota Camry because if you enter a collision, it is not worth spending large amounts of money to repair your previous vehicle, and, therefore, you do not need too expensive car insurance.

Toyota Camry, Automatic has an engine power of 2164 CC, which means it is a medium power car. The disadvantage is that high-power vehicles are often considered more dangerous and, therefore, can increase premium rates. If you want to reduce car insurance rates for your vehicle, be sure to buy a high-performance.

You can also adjust your coverage levels if you want to reduce your premium and monthly payments. If you are looking for the cheapest policy, you may have to find a trusted and experienced insurance agent in your area to ensure that your car insurance is adapted to your specific needs.

Insurance CompanyNew Vehicles *Used Vehicles *
State Farm$433$320
Texas Farm Bureau$718$580

* Approximate estimate for a new 24 -year -old used Toyota Camry. Your insurance cousin will always depend on your management history, the coverage level, and the exact models of the vehicles you are comparing!

Compare the 1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost quotes and find out who has the cheapest rates in 2022!

Finding the most affordable car insurance for your Toyota, Camry is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. Here are some facts that can help you reduce car insurance costs for your Toyota model (made in 1998) to the best possible rate while the appropriate coverage is maintained.

Choosing a better-classified insurer near you, that provides perfect customer services and competitive prices, must be the first step when buying a better policy. Below are some tips and tricks to help you obtain affordable quotes for Toyota Camry car insurance in 2021 and save money on your vehicle.

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The truth is that each driver will pay the same coverage in the same company at a completely different price!

1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost in 2022?

As you can see below, the lowest rates are around $ 865.6, while the highest fluctuate around $ 1817.76 per year. This price is influenced by many factors, and no insurer can say that she is the low-price leader.

Insurance Company Annual Rates (Estimate*)
American Family $900
State Farm$1,167
Auto Owners $1,037
State Auto $1,229
Safe Auto $1,566
Liberty Mutual$1,491

* Only an approximate estimate for Toyota Camry 1998, automatic

How to reduce the costs of your insurance premium?

Many people forget that the type of car you get (Camry model, Toyota) can have a great impact on the costs of your car insurance. Some vehicles, such as Honda Accord 2019, Toyota Corolla, Ford Pickup, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry 2018, Honda Civic, Ram Pickup, Nissan Maxima, Dodge Caravan, Chevrolet Pickup, Acura Integra, Cadillac Escalade, and many others, are great objectives for thieves (At least in 2016 – 2018).

A higher deductible for his Toyota, Camry will also reduce his cousins ​​because he pays more than his pocket if he has a claim. If you have not had a traffic violation in 3 years and more and have a very good driving record, a higher deductible could be a good bet. So how can you reduce payments from your insurance policy?

  • Do not ignore small regional insurers.
  • Check your existing coverage and choose a higher deductible.
  • Buying is the key to saving money on car insurance.
  • Negotiate with an agent or directly with the car insurance company.
  • See the discounts on the 1998 Camry car insurance: good/insurance driver, good student, multipolicy, the owner (group).
  • If you do not qualify for these discounts, explore other options available or change the insurance company.
  • Remember that having a bad driving record, a poor credit score, or being a young (teenage) driver is considered a risk for all insurance companies.
  • Auto Toyota Camry insurance rates of 1998 are more and less expensive per state!
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1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost by Location

How much is the 1998 Toyota Camry car insurance by location: approximate estimate for the model: automatic, 2164 CC, Sedanhow to calculate the premium for Toyota Camry car insurance (1998) Online? When using our insurance calculator, you can determine and calculate the cost of your insurance policy, check the average car insurance rates for your age and location and find out if you are paying more or less than other people in your area.

When reading the table below, you can compare the most and less expensive states for Camry (automatic) automobile insurance (automatic). , credit score, telephone number, email, or Social Security number (SSN).

RankStateLowest RatesHighest Rates
6New Hampshire$762$1,047
8North Dakota$788$1,134
10North Carolina$822$1,238
17South Dakota$900$1,506
26South Carolina$1,004$1,852
28New Mexico$1,047$1,930
30New York$1,091$1,956
31National average$1,125$1,982
32New Jersey$1,143$2,043
33West Virginia$1,177$2,060
49Rhode Island$1,627$2,467

* Compare the 1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost rates for location and find out who has the best insurance quotes in your area in 2021 – 2022. Only an approximate calculation for adults with good credit scores, management, and driving history without accidents. Choosing a car insurance company is difficult, its real rates can vary since the cost of its policy is influenced by many factors.

Teen Insurance: How much is 1998 Toyota Camry insurance cost for young drivers?

Is it a good idea that a young driver drives a car like a 1998 Toyota Camry (automatic transmission, 4400 rpm)? For insurers, adolescents are some of the high-risk drivers, so you can expect car insurance rates to increase when you add a teenage driver to the insurance policy. As you can see below, Toyota Camry’s average annual insurance cost for a 16 -year -old is approximately $ 1990.88, while the cost of the same coverage for people over 70 to 74 is $ 917,536.

How to reduce car insurance rates for high-risk drivers (adolescents, university students, new drivers, condemned drivers) is a very common question. There are some tips. You can ask your insurance company for a low mileage discount and discounts based on use. He also chooses a car wisely (Toyota and Camry have 2164 CC, 128 PS) and adds their teenager to their policy. Consider increasing your deductibles and adjusting your existing coverage. Being under 18, 21, or 25 years old, you statistically present a higher risk for insurance companies. How to save money on student car insurance?

Your AgeAverage Rate (Estimate*)
16 – 19$1,904
20 – 24$1,852
25 – 29$1,558
30 – 34$1,342
35 – 39$1,082
40 – 44$1,125
45 – 49$1,030
50 – 54$900
55 – 59$1,108
60 – 64$926
65 – 69$969
70 – 74$874
75 and more$900

* Approximate estimate for adolescents, adults, and older people who conduct Toyota Camry (1998)

Some insurance and corridor companies reward students financially for obtaining good performance in school, while others prefer students who complete an approved driver’s education course. As you can see in the previous table, people between the ages of 60 and 75 are statistically risk-free drivers and can pay less than $ 736 annually. What type of car insurance discounts for older people are available?

Most car insurance companies offer reduced car insurance rates to drivers who are over 50 years old. It means that people over 50 to 60 are eligible for senior discounts. Are Toyota or Camry good for upper drivers? If you have relevant questions or problems with Toyota Camry or another vehicle, ask in the comment section.

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