APPI Gap Insurance – What Is It, How It Works, Benefits, Coverage, and How to Claim it

APPI Gap Insurance – What Is It, How It Works, Benefits, Coverage, and How to Claim it

Appi GAP insurance: When you buy insurance from a car dealer, the dealer is responsible for paying you the amount you would have received from your insurance company if you had been involved in an accident and your car had been declared a total loss.

If your car has been stolen, you can submit a claim to the Appi of your insurance company (Advance Protection Products Inc). GAP coverage must be compensated for the difference between the actual present value of your insurance policy and the outstanding loan balance of the car when it was stolen.

APPI Gap Insurance

Appi Insurance is designed to cover the difference between what a vehicle is worth if they are stolen or damaged and its actual present value. But there are certain limitations.

What is Appi Gap Insurance?

Appi who stands for Advanced Protection Products International is a GAP insurance provider who gives coverage as a distance from the person who started the sales/ lease contract.

For example, if you have purchased your GAP insurance from Appi, probably at a car dealer, your car will be covered even when it is stolen or damaged in the event of an accident.

The GAP is available for the next protection industry:

  • Car
  • Marine
  • Port

The benefits of the GAP include:

  • To be paid in the event of a total loss
  • It covers the difference in most cases between the amount of the payment of planned loans and the actual present value of the assets of the reimbursements
  • Cover the main insurance of the customer deductible to $ 1,000 (where the permitted is)
  • Protection for vehicles with a loan amount of up to $ 100,000 at the time of purchase
  • Up to 84 months of protection available
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APPI Gap Insurance reviews:

Users who bought Gap Gap Insurance testified that when their car was destroyed in the event of a fatal accident. Advance Protection Products International Inc was able to offer them a new car.

If your car insurance company agrees to pay a claim for theft or loss. GAP insurance will certainly cover you. The policy indeed covers theft and other losses.

Appi Gap Insurance Coverage

When you buy Appi GAP insurance, this will certainly be covered for loss that comes with your vehicle; Whether it is an accident or theft.

APPI Gap Insurance Contact Number

What is the Appi GAP insurance phone number? The telephone number of the Appi GAP insurance is 888-366-3774-fax customer service (225) 612-6731.

How do I get Appi Gap Insurance Claim?

When you buy GAP insurance from Appi. You get protection against the loss of your vehicle in case it is stolen or damaged in the event of an accident.

Contact your insurance company directly at (888) 366-3774 to submit a claim. If you have to send documents, fax them to (225) 612-6731.

How To Get APPI GAP Insurance Cancellation Form?

  • Fill in the attached cancellation form to request cancellation of your insurance.
  • Just copy this URL in the new browser window to download the cancellation form in PDF.
  • The insurance claim form gives customers various options for claiming payment about the coverage of their vehicle. When you buy an insurance policy. You can be sure that your car will be treated in the case of theft or accident.
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We have explained everything that you need to know about Appi GAP insurance, how it works, and the benefits it has.

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