life insurance brokers Dublin

life insurance brokers Dublin

Do you need life insurance brokers Dublin? This post will be giving you the list of the 5 best life insurance brokers Dublin, Ireland you can trust.

It is a common wish to ensure that your family is well taken care of when you pass away. Therefore, life insurance is an important planning tool that can ensure that your family is financially prepared to deal with your loss.

But navigating the life insurance process can be confusing, and choosing to work with a professional to choose the best policy can help you avoid that confusion and ensure you have the right type of coverage.

What is a life insurance broker?

Rather than being employed by a specific company and working to do what’s best for them, a life insurance broker works for you to find what you need at the best price. They do this by helping you assess your life insurance needs and then comparing different coverage quotes to help you find the best deal, whether based on price, coverage ratio, or both.

You can choose to work with a traditional life insurance broker or an online broker. If you’re looking for personalized advice and an easy way to ask questions, a traditional broker might be your best option. But if you know what kind of policy you are looking for and you just want an easy way to compare rates, an online broker may be more convenient.

5 Best Life Insurance Brokers Dublin

1. are experts in term life insurance and critical illness coverage, as well as other mortgage protection coverages. They are committed to great products and prices, backed by quality service from their highly experienced team. Until now, buying life insurance has taken a long and even longer time. His goal is to change that.

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Insurance House 62A Terenure Road North Terenure Dublin 6W D6W CF54 Co. Dublin

(01) 6606900

2. City-wide financial solutions

They are qualified life insurance brokers Dublin with more than 30 years of combined financial planning experience with experience in life insurance, mortgage assistance, pensions, collective schemes, income protection, and corporate protection. They are experts in their field and are committed to learning about your requirements and what is right for you. By having access to robust and comprehensive risk management services, your customers can rest assured that they have the right type and level of protection, the protection they can rely on year-round.

238 Swords Road County Dublin Dublin D09 H9N3

(01) 513 8710

3. G&E Mortgage & Financial Advisers

G & E Mortgage & Financial Advisors Ltd began operations in 1998 and has since provided professional financial planning to its clients in the areas of mortgage, pension, protection, and investment. G & E Mortgage & Financial Advisors Ltd is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company is a member of Brokers Ireland. Both Greg O’Toole and Enda O’Toole are QFAs and are members of the Life Insurance Association of Ireland. Together they have more than 60 years of experience in financial services.

U 6D Old Bawn rd Tallaght D24P5FW County Dublin


4. McCarthy Insurance Group

Founded in 1952, McCarthy Insurance Group believes in treating consumers fairly by putting customer needs first. They have a foothold in the community and understand all aspects of personal and business insurance as well as health, life protection, investments, pensions, and group plans.

22 Sandyford Office Park Sandyford Co. Dublin

(01) 2958244

5. FBD Insurance

FBD Insurance has been protecting Irish consumers, farmers, and businesses for over 50 years. FBD prides itself on being Ireland’s largest property insurer, offering a wide range of protection products to meet your needs, including auto, home, delivery, business, and farm insurance.

FBD Insurance’s network of 34 local sales offices, along with online and telephone support teams, gives you peace of mind knowing that when you need us, we are never far away.

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Investing in Life Insurance and Retirement with FBD gives you confidence that you and your family are financially protected for the future.

141 Drumcondra Road Lower Co. Dublin

(01) 4282266

Why should you work with life insurance brokers Dublin?

There are several benefits associated with using life insurance brokers Dublin to choose life insurance. Instead of going it alone, consider the benefits that a broker brings.

  • Advice on the best policy: Life insurance policies can be complex, from choosing term life insurance versus full life insurance to choosing an amount of coverage. An insurance broker will analyze your personal and financial situation to help you choose the best type of plan.
  • Compare offers quickly: Instead of checking with multiple insurance companies yourself, an insurance broker does the work for you.
  • Simplified application procedure: A broker will also keep your application details while you compare offers from different insurers. You can save time by getting updates from your broker during the application process rather than contacting the insurance company yourself.

How Does An Insurance Broker Make Money?

An insurance broker earns a commission on the policy he ultimately chooses. Usually, this is a percentage of your premium. You may be wondering if they have your best interest in mind as they make more if you buy a more expensive premium. On the other hand, they typically continue to receive a commission each year the policy remains active. If they go through an expensive policy and you eventually get out of the contract, they will lose that future revenue stream.

If you’re concerned that commissions may be a conflict of interest with your life insurance broker, just ask how they make their money. Each state has its own rules about what to disclose to customers. They may be required to tell you that they receive a commission, and some states may even require you to disclose how much. Don’t be afraid to interview different life insurance brokers to compare how they answer these compensation questions.

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Advantages and disadvantages of an insurance broker

As with anything, there are pros and cons to working with an insurance broker.


Personal service

A life insurance brokers Dublin usually takes the time to get to know you to find the best type of policy. They will ask questions about your family, your finances, and your health. These questions help determine the appropriate amount of coverage so that you don’t overpay, but they also ensure that you have a death benefit that is large enough to support your family.

Compare shopping easily

Having that conversation with a broker will give you access to multiple policy options. Otherwise, you will need to file a separate application with each insurance company.

Negotiating with pre-existing conditions

If your application has issues such as pre-existing conditions, an insurance company may offer an expensive premium or deny your application altogether. A life insurance broker can find an insurer willing to work with different types of applications.


Commission based sales

Ultimately, a life insurance broker is a seller. You should do your research based on their advice as they will make more money by selling you a more expensive policy.

knowledge can vary

Some types of life insurance can be complex. A less experienced insurance broker may not understand the complexity very well. Be sure to ask detailed questions so that you can gauge the quality of your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Life Insurance Brokers Dublin

Should You Use an Insurance Broker to Buy Life Insurance?

No, there are several ways to purchase life insurance other than through an intermediary. For example, an insurance agent works with a specific company and only sells its products. This can be a good option if you have any kind of brand loyalty or want to bundle multiple types of insurance with the same company for a discount.

What is the best insurance company?

There is no clear answer about the best life insurance company as each individual has their own needs. However, you can start by looking at companies with strong financial ratings. This means that the business is running efficiently and that they have the capital to pay claims. You can also evaluate customer service and compare prices for the type of coverage you want.

How much life insurance do I need?

It depends. Think about the people who are financially dependent on you and how your death would affect them. Your life insurance policy may be enough to cover debts such as a mortgage and car payments. It could also cover final costs and provide a financial buffer to make up for lost revenue.

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